Meet the Microbiome (digital)

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Ever wonder how we get kids to eat veggies and healthy foods? In this book lies the secret of our method – ‘tummy friends’ – so you can do it too! And did we mention these little friends are too cute to be true?

In this book, you can bring the inner world to life for your child, introducing them to ten different “little friends” residing in their tummy, each with their unique roles.

You’ll discover what these microscopic companions love to eat, the essential jobs they perform, and why they’re crucial for our health.

This book is every parent’s key tool for nurturing a passion for healthy foods in children, serving as a guide and companion from this moment forward. Imagine the joy of hearing your child enthusiastically say, “I want more veggies, please…”

This book features:

  • 24 pages filled with vibrant, colorful illustrations that bring the microbiome to life.
  • Engaging narratives that unveil the mysteries of our internal world and its significance.
  • Insights into the microbiome’s favorite foods to spark a love for vegetables in your child.
  • Beautifully illustrated and entertaining educational content designed for children aged 3-7, aiming to instill a lifelong appreciation for healthy living.


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Original price was: US$33.00.Current price is: US$22.00.

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